Saturday, February 6, 2016

Turning more pages on the calendar

Unfortunately my knee continued to bother me throughout December and January, so my running was quite limited.  On the plus side, I've spent significantly more time in the pool and am starting to see some improvements.  I've also spent a good deal of time on the bike and didn't always mind having to ride inside where it was warm since I couldn't get out and run in the cold.  After giving up hope that my knee issue would resolve itself, I finally had an MRI, which confirmed multiple meniscus tears.  As long as there are no mechanical issues from the damage, the strategy will be pain management, so they gave me a cortisone injection on February 4.  From there it's one week of no lower body activity, two weeks of light cycling and elliptical, and then I am cleared to run.  I am crossing my fingers that the cortisone takes care of the pain and I can finally get back to training!

Swim 8.5 miles
Bike 189 miles
Run 60 miles
Swim 13.5 miles
Bike 306 miles
Run 24 miles

Trail running and hiking
while visiting Jenn in Portland
Club Throwdown Duathlon
Swimming, biking, and running over
Christmas vacation in Key West
Sunrise run in Key West