Friday, February 3, 2017

Back to work

After taking December off from structured training, I was ready to get back to it in the new year!  I started out with a cold, drizzly Commitment Day 5k and then picked back up with my coach on January 2.  I guess my "do whatever I feel like" approach to December was enough to maintain at least some level of fitness, as my return to the track went better than expected (6x400s all under 6:00 pace), I swam new 50 (40.2) and 100 (1:27) PRs, and set a 20 minute max average record on the bike (232W).  I guess there is some value in rest after all ;)

Swim: 17.4 miles
Bike: 13+ hours on the trainer
Run: 121 miles
Total: 53:09:47

My first all-green month in TrainingPeaks!

3rd female/6th overall at the Cary Commitment Day 5K

January 8:
Snow, ice, and a "feels like" temperature of 17 degrees
Perfectly runnable in Yaktrax!
Five days later...
January 13
Sunny with temps in the mid-70s
Sunset on another spring-like January run
My first-ever trail race:
UGTB Grind'n 5 mile run at Harris Lake

Spending a lot of quality time in the pain cave
Thankfully I really enjoy riding on the trainer
(as opposed to running on the treadmill - yuck)
20 minute time trial on the bike to close out the month
225W for the first 10 minutes, building to the 240s
This is the first time I didn't run out of steam and taper off!
Overall I couldn't be happier with the start of my 2017 training cycle.  I think that both my training plan and my approach to each workout (doing "hard" intervals HARD) have been more aggressive and so far it seems to be paying off.  Coach added a 15-20 minute daily functional strength training routine and I had a minimum of one swim, bike, or run workout every day in January, and I am definitely feeling stronger for it.  As a result, I've been putting my Normatec recovery boots to more early-season use than ever before, but overall I am feeling good and growing more excited about the year ahead.