Saturday, April 15, 2017

Marching forward

After February set the bar pretty high, I was aware that March could bring somewhat of a let down.  To my surprise, that didn't happen, and I logged another solid month, including finishing 2nd overall female while doing a scheduled workout of 12x800 at the Crystal Coast Half Marathon, crushing my 10 minute time trial on the bike, swimming my fastest 50 yards in the pool, and setting a new half marathon PR at Tobacco Road.  

Swim 17.1 miles
Bike 86.5 miles and 11+ hours on the trainer
Run 98.6 miles
Total time 39:26:36
Calories 26,046

Average of 250 watts in my 10 minute time trial,
with the last 5 minutes slightly faster than the first 5!
Half Marathon PR at Tobacco Road
Still a long way to go to sub-1:30, but making progress
First time I've ever cracked 40 seconds for 50 yards
Special delivery from Ironman...
Up from silver to gold status!