Friday, December 30, 2016

A little down time

After three 70.3s in seven weeks, I was ready for a break!  After a week of walking, hiking, and some leisurely miles on my ElliptiGo, I resume light cycling and threw in a couple of easy swims, but didn't run at all for three weeks.  Through December I took some hot vinyasa classes and swam, biked, and ran a little, but without any real structure, goals, or pressure.  It was a nice break, both mentally and physically, and I hopefully maintained at least a reasonable level of fitness.  

Walking on the beach in Miami
(Nothing more strenuous than that for days!)
Back to NC, but not yet back to training...
Hiking around Jordan Lake
Some beautiful and leisurely ElliptiGo outings
Holiday travels!
Family walk around White Rock Lake
over Thanksgiving weekend in Dallas
Ran a 5K in Florida over Christmas vacation
Despite having run only 33 miles since November 13,
I manged to finish 16/706 women in 20:30
My favorite recovery activity:
3 mile jogs with my dad in Florida