Sunday, October 21, 2012

Short and sweet

Week 1 of tapering went pretty well... lower mileage, but thanks to a couple of short races this weekend, still some good pace.  Two weeks to go!

Monday - 4M with Sara (33:49 - 8:27)

Tuesday - 11M with Amy (1:28:45 - 8:04)

Wednesday - 6M with Bex (47:55 - 7:59)

Thursday - 5k with Sara (26:45 - 8:29)

Saturday - Oktoberfest 8K (35:41 - 7:10)

Originally my plan was to run this as a tempo run rather than a "race", and with temperatures in the mid-70s combined with running in a costume, I figured that would put me somewhere in the 7:15-7:30 pace range.  But they had an awesome glass boot for fastest female in a dirndl, so when the first 2 dirndl-wearing runners went out I decided to try to hang with them for as long as possible and see what happened.  I kept up with them around 6:30 pace for about a mile and a half, but unfortunately that is well under my 8k pace and I could only ignore that fact for so long.  Once they put some space between us, I slowed to 7:20s and 7:30s, and though I was disappointed to not be able to push through and take home the boot, I did win my age group, got my free beer, and enjoyed a nice afternoon outside with my hubby.  The course was pretty hilly and the 3pm start meant warm temps with little shade and only two water stations, but I liked the festive atmosphere so I'd probably recommend it.  And I do want that boot, so I plan to give it another shot next year :)

Sunday - Ramblin Rose Half Marathon Relay (6M, about 47 minutes)

I got the lucky draw for our relay, having to only run the short and relatively flat 2 mile middle leg.  I did a easy mile and a half from the start to my relay exchange and stretched and chatted with the other runners while I waited.  The pace cars came by and Laura was leading the race by a pretty good distance, so it was exciting to cheer for her as she sped by.  Sara came in a few minutes later, maybe 7th or 8th overall, handed off the race belt, and off I went.  I passed a couple of runners, and each seemed quite relieved that I was running the relay!  Other than those few runners and a few spectators and police officers, it was a pretty quiet and solo run, but the 2 miles went by quickly and before I knew it I was handing off to Ellen.  My goal was to stay around 6:30 pace, and my garmin has my average at 6:34, so I am pretty happy with that.  I ran a nice 20 minute cool down back to the start, where I met up with Sara, Monte, and Caren in time to cheer in Laura (who won by over 6 minutes!) and Ellen, who finished fifth overall and first among relays.  Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to see everyone I knew who ran the half today, but congratulations to all!

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