Tuesday, February 4, 2014

RNR New Orleans Half Marathon

I still haven't run much and am trying to gradually come back from my knee injury, so this was to be my first longish training pace run in about 2 months, and the goal was to run about 8 minute/mile pace and just stop along the way whenever the mood struck us.  The result: the most fun run ever, as evidenced by our race photos, which tell the story better than I could write (and in far fewer words)... 
Sarah and Ellen before the race 

We had to stop because of the irony

Donuts and beer?!
Clearly they knew we were coming.
Giant inflatable = excuse to pose in the middle of the street
Running into the fog in the French Quarter
More inflatables, more posing
I think they made these just for Ellen
King Cake!
Jello shots
(we had to do 2 because the first photo was blurry)

Signs for Sarah

Mile 25
On her way to a new PR of 3:13!
Mission accomplished!
My knee started to feel a little sore before mile 2, but thankfully the pain never got worse than a bit of discomfort, which is good news for my hopes of getting back to marathon shape in time for Boston.  Of course I'm not where I'd like to be training-wise, but 13 miles is a good place to start, and I couldn't have had more fun doing it!

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