Friday, May 2, 2014

Not the sausage sandwiches!

I did a little research into the proliferation of Bibgate, and reading the translated versions of international articles has been both confusing and hilarious. 

As told by an article in Barcelona, per Google translate:

A curious and despicable phenomenon is exploding as popular careers increase their popularity, redundant: running with dorsal photocopying. This seems harmless when it is not so much the damage to those runners who religiously pay the increasingly predatory pricing to participate in a race, either an urban mile or undergo succeed marathon .

Although daily kilometer costs more than the organizers of the most popular careers cut on services offered, becoming so righteous as participants get the last drink you supposed to run out and even without medal for which you have previously paid to whether you will be finisher or not. In most cases, your drink or your medal has not saved the organization but surely has taken a savvy that has crept into your career without checking out. Many times free, but so many thanks to the complicity of a friend who has lent his dorsal to photocopy.

And in some cases, even someone takes advantage of your naivety to upload a photo of your precious dorsal marathon you're going to play to Instagram , Facebook or Twitter . That happened to Kara Bonneau , a young woman from North Carolina, who managed to earn the right to play one of the toughest marathons in participation: the Boston Marathon.

Bonneau, who had registered to contest the rugged edition last year, managed to overcome their fears of another possible attack and traveled to the capital of Massachusetts to win the race. He ran his marathon without any problems and finished in 3 hours and 31 minutes. Up to here all right.

The four runners who stole the identity of Bonneau consumed refreshment during the race and surely, if they were strong enough, also made ​​collection of the same at the end and even on the wall of his house hung the medal finisher will surely kick in the wall four corridors that are themselves deserved, since the right to run your marathon won.  And tell me, is so difficult to snag a chip behind a ridge? Thus, when a hacker runner reaches goal with a photocopy, it would read the back and could be expelled by avoiding to consume what you have not paid. And so would avoid, too, that whoever runs legally drink run out without his reward, either a medal, tee or sausage sandwich.

Articles from France, SwitzerlandLuxembourgPolandKorea, and Chile neither offered as much comedic translation, mentioned that I won the race, nor confirmed the theft of sausage sandwiches.

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  1. Thank you Kara for read our article. It's usual in Catalonia's races than you get a sandwich after you arrival. And botifarra (sausage) it's very typical here. #truestory ;)