Sunday, June 14, 2015

Spring training

Though March started with a run in the freezing rain at a temperature of 33 degrees, the remainder of the month brought some pleasant and (finally) springlike weather, which has made training a lot more enjoyable!  I'd almost forgotten how nice it is to run with shorts and even with the chafing and sunburn that accompany warmer weather running, I am definitely not going to complain. 

The nicer weather also brought the opportunity to finally test out the new Zipp 404s and Powertap on my tri bike.  Between the new wheels, a more aggressive bike fit (thanks, Durham Cycles!), and the many winter hours spent on the trainer, my easy-ish ride averaged over 17 mph so I am feeling pretty optimistic about the coming race season!

March totals:

Swim: 10.2 miles
Bike: 184.2 miles
Run: 118.5 miles
ElliptiGo: 27.5 miles

Total time (including strength training and yoga): 51:16:02

Total miles: 367.45
Total calories: 26,179

Cooper River Bridge Run 10K: 15/1999 Female 35-39 (44:13)

April totals:
Swim: 8.6 miles
Bike: 263.8 miles
Run: 100.4 miles
ElliptiGo: 16 miles

Total time (including strength training and yoga): 43:16:07

Total miles: 388.8
Total calories: 27,050

Footprints in the sand: Training run in Turks and Caicos

Tar Heel 4 Miler: 3rd Female Overall (29:10)
May totals:
Swim: 10.6 miles
Bike: 346.4 miles
Run: 104.6 miles
ElliptiGo: 22 miles

Total time (including strength training and yoga): 54:50:25
Total miles: 506.4
Total calories: 28,372

Cary Duathlon: 3rd Female Overall
2.5 mile run (17:00)
18.3 mile bike (53:29)
2.5 mile run (17:19)

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