Friday, October 9, 2015

In the homestretch

September totals were down a bit due to an easy week leading up to the Patriots Half, some dreadful weather that put a damper on my plans to ride outside, and me coming down with a cold in the last week of the month (most likely due to the aforementioned dreadful weather).  I am still not feeling 100% as I write this, so it's hard to feel good about the recent training, but at least I'm sick now rather than race week.

September totals:
Swim: 16.4 miles
Bike: 533 miles*
Run: 138 miles 

Total time: 63:15:47

Total miles: 689
Total calories: 36,594

September started off with a bang - totaling the most miles I've ever done in a single 7 day period (218.4!), including a century ride on 9/5 that included two passes through the spot where I crashed last year and an 18 mile long run that ended with 30 minutes at 7:30 pace on 9/6.  The following week was a lighter week leading up to the Patriots Half and then it was right back to it.  Unfortunately back to back long rides and a scheduled open water swim were washed out by rain and then I came down with this cold, but at least the majority of September was solid.

Oktoberfest 8K
34:57 (One day after a 6 hour brick!)
1st F35-39, 4th female overall
UCI World Championship
Team Time Trial
Richmond, VA
Getting some inspiration...
These guys are so fast and some clearly had
their pain faces on but were pushing through
I can't say I'm entirely where I want to be, but hopefully this last week of taper will go according to plan, my health will return to 100% before race day, and things will all work out... 

T minus 8 days! 

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