Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2015 in review

I thought I'd set the bar pretty high for myself this year, so I am not sure how it happened but this year exceeded all of my expectations! 

Training Summary

Running: 1190 miles 
Cycling: 3855 miles
Swimming: 139 miles

Including yoga, cross-training and ElliptiGo-ing, I spent nearly 570 hours exercising in 2015 and covered over 5,300 miles.  Though I ran only slightly more mileage than last year, I significantly upped my cycling totals and it really paid off. 
Total calories burned (as calculated by garmin): 315,258.  Obviously were I not exercising so much I would (presumably) eat less, but that translates to over 90 lbs (yet I only lost 5)...  Crazy!

Race Summary

With my focus fully on B2B and preparing for a full iron-distance triathlon, I raced far less than I have in recent years.   My finish at B2B made all of the training and reduced "fun" race schedule 110% worth it, but despite throwing most things in without much of a taper or recovery period I had a fair amount of success in my shorter races this year as well.  Despite missing out on 1:29:59 for a second consecutive year, all three half marathons went quite well (4th overall in the Bahamas, 1st Athena and a division course record in Utah Valley, and my first overall female win at the Tour de Force Half Marathon).  I also finished on the overall podium at the Pi Day Pi K, Tar Heel 4 miler, Cary Du Classic, and UNC Wellness Super Sprint triathlon.  Until very recently I was always thrilled to just place in my age group, so to be placing overall still seems crazy to me.

Goals for 2015
1. Sub-12:00 Ironman at Beach to Battleship
    10:27:42... SUCCESS!!!

2. Age group podium at the Patriots Half Ironman and B2B 
     2nd F35-39 (6th overall) at Patriots and 4th overall at B2B... SUCCESS!!

3. Sub-1:30 half marathon
    1:31:25. Still a PR by 96 seconds, so I don't want to call it a failure, but I still can't 
    check this one off the bucket list.

Goals for 2016

1. Qualify for the 2017 Ironman 70.3 World Championship 
I'm racing IM Augusta 70.3 in September and IM North Carolina 70.3 in October, so I'll have two shots at this.  Qualification is not based on time, but will most likely require finishing in the top 3 in my age group.  As for time goals, I'd like to shoot for sub-5:00 at Augusta and maybe even sub-4:50 in Wilmington.

2. Qualify for the 2017 ITU Long Course Triathlon World Championship
The qualifying race for this will be the MiamiMan 70.3 in November.

3. Top 5 AG finish at the Long Course Duathlon National Championship
Based on the 2014 results, this would mean taking about 20 minutes off my time from that year when Nationals were held on the same course. 

Special thanks... 

To my AMAZING training partners.  5,000 miles is a lot of miles.  I probably wouldn't have made it through all of them without my friends, and I definitely wouldn't have had as much fun doing it.  

To my coach for coming up with what turned out to be the perfect training plan. 

To Bull City Running Company and the Bull City Track Club for your support both on and off the roads and trails. 

To Esprit de SheNuun, and Honey Stinger for the Ambassadorships.  

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