Sunday, May 1, 2016

Starting from scratch?

Well the January knee injury was definitely a setback, with no running at all for three weeks.  On the bright side, I had no pain on the bike and got to the pool more often, so the month wasn't a total loss. Since getting the green light to run, things have gone pretty well, and I've built my training back up from 6-7 hours per week to around 11.  I reaggravated the knee while I was on vacation, and it takes a mile or two of running for the pain to subside, but I'm working through it and thankfully it seems to be improving.  Hopefully I can get back to feeling 100% and it will be all smooth sailing from here...

Swim - 21.5 miles (That is not a typo!)
Bike - 209 miles
Aqua jog - 7 miles
Run - 5 miles
Total time - 30:51:32
Swim - 13.2 miles
Bike - 305 miles
Run - 73 miles
Total time - 35:19:50
Swim - 12.1 miles
Bike - 338 miles
Run - 90 miles
Total time - 39:56:31

Spring highlights
Riding with Jens Voight
Definitely among my favorite athletes of all time,
so this was really exciting for me!

Upgraded to a Felt IA10
Step 1 to getting faster on the bike:
Get a faster bike

Thanks to IOS for setting me up on my new ride!

Riviera Maya with Janet
Took a couple of days off from training
for some sunshine and R&R in Mexico

Ran a new 5K PR at the Cary Road Race
Given the lack of recent run training this was a pleasant surprise
Now if only I could crack 20 minutes...

Aside from the knee pain, I am feeling ok physically.  But with the Cary Duathlon and Raleigh 70.3 only a few weeks away, I am not feeling very confident in my fitness.  I guess the only thing I can do is take things one day at a time, stick to the training plan, and hope that that's enough... I guess we will soon find out!

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