Monday, September 5, 2016

The heat index is somewhere between OMG and WTF

Despite not being able to swim for the first week of August thanks to the bruised ribs from my crash, it's been a really solid and productive month.  The heat has been miserable, even for North Carolina, but I've checked off a 100 mile ride, a time trial on the bike and corresponding new 20 minute max power PR (220W), and some really good speedwork on the track and the trail.  My only disappointment was to have finished one week with 198.5 miles... had I realized that I would have at least gone out for a short easy run to hit 200!

Swim - 18.3
Bike - 581
Run - 113
Total time - 60:09:33
Total miles - 719
It's crazy to me that I (1) survived the entire month without a rest day and (2) actually put in more miles on my bike than I did last August (while swimming and running only slightly less) even though this year I'm only training for 70.3s.  Hopefully this means that 5 hours on race day won't feel that long :)

Tarwheels Bikefest Century
Sunrise at the track
2 x 400 @ 1:25
6 x 800 @ 3:05-3:10
A few screenshots of the weather
at the end of my August bike rides
Five-0 Memorial Ride

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