Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cary Park 5K and Weekly Recap

Last Saturday I made a last minute decision to run the Cary Park 5K.  I ran the race last year, it was only a $20 registration fee, and I remembered having good food post-race in 2011, so when I got an email from them I figured why not?  Well, it was in the mid-70s at the start, humid, and sunny, so that should have been the reason why not!  I haven't really run in heat or humidity this year, and wasn't sure how much I should slow from the pace I expected I could run in perfect conditions.  So I just went for it.  Big mistake!  First mile in 6:42, right around my predicted 5K pace, but it was not easy.  Around half way into mile 2, the woman running with me made a move and I realized there was no way I was going to hold that pace.  With no other women close to us, I just lost it mentally and decided to shift down to tempo rather than race pace.  Mile 2: 7:14.  The third mile had 2 really big hills, and sadly my pace slowed to what felt like a crawl.  I thought about everyone who had just run Boston.. 26.2 miles with even higher temps.  Wow, did I feel like a wuss.  But my legs just would not go, and I finished in 22:36 - a full minute slower than last year.  It was pretty miserable and very disappointing, but I did hold on for 3rd and won a $25 gift card to Omega (yay for small local races!), had a smoothie, and 3 (yes, 3) fresh baked bagels.  So I guess there was an upside... Plus I realized how much work I need to do if I'm finally going to break 21 in a 5k, so it was a good learning experience.

Saturday: AM - Cary Park 5K, 8M bike home; PM - Attempted an open water swim at Jordan Lake with Dawn.  Swimming is HARD.
Sunday: AM - 10M with Sarah, Ellen, and Allie on the ATT (1:20:24), TRX, 10M easy bike ride; PM - Yoga
Monday: Sync Cycling
Tuesday: AM - Swim lesson with One Step Beyond Coaching (very helpful!); PM - Speedwork at the Duke Track with Jessalyn (another reminder than I am not very fast)
Wednesday: Total Body Circuit, 6M with Ellen and Shuwen (50:42)
Thursday: AM - TRX; PM - Sync Cycling, Tempo run with Ellen (4M total with 3 at 7:15)
Friday: Sync Cycling
Saturday: AM - Run to Sync (2.25M, 18:22), Sync Cycling, run home (2.25M, 18:20); PM Brick with Dawn, Ken, and Tim (31.25M, 1:43:56, 18mph + 2.65M, 22:14)

It was a pretty good week training volume-wise, but I am really feeling pathetic in the water, slow on the bike, and even a bit discouraged with my running.  Thankfully I have 3 months until my first Olympic distance triathlon, 4 until my half iron, and 6 until the NYC marathon (my "A" race for this year).  I am sure it won't get easier, but here's hoping it will get better!

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