Saturday, June 2, 2012

Running of the Bulls 8K

I didn't really race this one, so this write up will be short and sweet.  I have wanted to do this race each year, but am always out of town so I decided to do it despite my last minute decision to enter the Kerr Lake Olympic Triathlon tomorrow.  When I heard that Lora was on the fence about doing this race, I was able to twist her arm into running with me.

I picked up our packets yesterday, so we didn't have to rush downtown this morning.  Lora picked me up at 6:15 and we got to the race in plenty of time for a bathroom stop and short warmup.  We chatted with some of the many people I knew who were competing today and it was great to see so many familiar faces.  The race itself was great - lots of crowd support, including more familiar faces; perfect weather for running; a rolling course that was just challenging enough to notice the hills but not enough to slow you down; and of course I had great company for this one!  Since I ran just a bit harder than a normal 5 mile training run, I won't go into splits or pace or whatnot, but we ran a little faster than I expected, and I am sure Lora was tired of hearing me talk by the time we hit the finish (official time 38:24).

I found all of our friends after the race and it seemed like everyone was happy with their day, so that was great!  Alicia, Caren, Lora, Mark, and a few other Bull City runners won awards, including engraved cowbells that were pretty awesome and made me wish I had run faster.  Maybe next year... 

Finally I have to give a shout out to Bull City Running Company.... I've done a lot of races now, and this was one of the most well organized, efficient and fun.  They really did a great job putting on this event, and I hope to be out there again next year!

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