Friday, November 16, 2012


The cancellation of the NYC marathon has really taken a toll... I think the race that wasn't really took a lot out of me, both physically (between the taper and a hilly replacement marathon) and mentally.  I am trying my best to get excited about the race on December 2, but I am struggling.  At least I'll be at the beach :)

In the meantime, I have to figure out how to recover, rebuild, and re-taper.  I had a decent week running-wise considering I completed a marathon last weekend, but I am feeling a bit unfit after the long taper.  That feeds into the feelings of apathy toward racing and lack of confidence that I've had of late, and is not helping matters at all.  Maybe this is the running equivalent of post-partum depression?  Whatever it is I need to snap out of it.

Tuesday - 5.5 mile recovery run with Sara; 46:50 (8:31)

Wednesday - 3.75 miles with Bex, including 6 x 400s  at 93-97 secs; 30:09 (8:03); 20 minute pull swim

Thursday - Easy run with Sara (4M in 32:33) in the morning; 
Brooks nightlife run at Bull City Running Company in the evening (3M in 24:15)

Saturday -15 with B, plus cameos by Ellen and Allie; 2:01:16 (8:05)

Tuesday - 20 minutes elliptical, followed by the Duke vs Carolina vertical climb challenge (5 minutes on a treadmill set to 30% incline; left in 5th place for females with 361 feet)

Wednesday - 7.5 miles on the ATT chasing after Bex for 10 x 400s (1:02:44)

Thursday - 6 miles in the dark with cold, rainy weather.  Thank goodness for Bex, because I totally would have skipped this if left to my own devices.  47:04, averaging 7:40 after the warm up (thank you B!)

Friday - Finally stuck to the pace plan for a progression run.  6 miles with Ellen, Bex, and Jen D; 46:47 (splits 8:24-8:05-7:32-7:18-6:50-8:34)

Two weeks until the Palm Beach Marathon... hopefully by then I'll be excited about running...

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