Sunday, March 31, 2013

In like a lion, out like a lamb

This weekend was pretty great, with a nice half century ride at Mapleview Farms on a lovely Saturday afternoon and a terrific Easter long run, despite the pouring rain.  Of course the 50 mile ride was a little tough on the backside and I have some soreness in my shoulders, but nothing too terrible - a pleasant surprise considering I hadn't done more than 30 yet this year.  And though my longest run going into Boston was today's 18 miler, we ran it about 5 seconds/mile under my goal pace, so I'm actually feeling much better about that too.  Hopefully this solid end to March will set the tone for the rest of the year, and things will start looking up!

Monday: 2 mile walk with Nicole
Tuesday: 20 minutes on the bike trainer and a bit of core work
AM - Easy run with Ellen (8M, 1:04:13)
PM - 40 minutes on the trainer with a few hard intervals thrown in
AM - 1200 yd swim, including 4 x 50 fast
PM - Third Fork Creek Trail with Caren and Karen (6M, 47:11)
Friday: Frigid (23 degrees!) tempo run with Ellen (9M including 2 x 12 minutes around 7:00/mile pace; 1:08:16)
Saturday: Sick again :(
Sunday: 90 minutes on the trainer with a few hard intervals throughout

Monday: 8M with Lora (1:08:56)
Tuesday: 6M with Sara (48:51)
Wednesday: 60 minutes moderate on the trainer
Thursday: 4M Pub Run with Tim (31:51)
Friday: 40 minutes on the trainer
Saturday: 50M ride with Bex and the BD team (3:12:11)
Sunday: 18M run in the pouring rain with Ellen, Sarah, and Caren (2:22:47)

March totals: 28:59:49
Run: 141.7 miles, 18:28:32, 15,783 calories
Bike: 7:22:11, mostly on the trainer
Swim: 2 miles, 1:19:00

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