Friday, May 17, 2013

T minus two weeks!

Not much exciting to report.  My knee was bothering me a lot at the beginning of the week (I think it might be from swimming laps), but hopefully it's nothing serious.  These are my two highest volume weeks, and though I am starting to freak out a bit, I am mostly getting excited.

Monday: Bike ride with Bex on the ATT (14.5M, 56:41)

Tuesday: A little bit of speed work on the treadmill.  3.25M in 23:51, including 3x1200 (4:59-4:55-4:52), followed by 1250 in the pool.

Wednesday: Nice little 6 mile Moonberries run with Sarah (46:55) and 30 minutes on the trainer working on riding in aero and keeping a higher cadence.

Thursday: 1600 in the pool, mostly pull with a few 200s without the buoy.  My evening run was 5M on the ATT in 38:30, consisting of a 15 minute warmup, 20 minutes of 1 minute fast (between 5:57 and 6:26 pace, depending on incline/decline) - 1 minute slow.  About 3 minutes into my cool down I ran into a friend on the trail, stopped to chat, and didn't feel like running again after that so I walked the last mile home.  This workout didn't sound that bad when Allie described it, but was a lot harder than I expected!

Friday: AM - Short and easy Rise run with Ellen (4M, 31:52).  
PM - Test ride of the Ironman 70.3 Raleigh bike course with Bex.  We rode about 15 miles to pick up the course at mile 7, rode the middle 40 of the course, and then veered off in order to meet Monte at his office to catch a ride home.  Overall a pretty nice course, mostly rolling with no major climbs, but with temps in the 80s, it was quite a tiring ride (57.2M, 3:31:47, 16.2 mph).

Saturday: A very humid 8.65 on the ATT (1:10:11) with Caren, Karen, Jen D, and Nan, followed by cupcakes and another mile (8:02) in preparation for the upcoming Doughman eat-run relay.

Sunday: I wasn't going to run again, but couldn't say no to a Sunday Rise run with Allie, Ellen, Amy, and Alison, especially on a day with perfect running weather (9M, 1:10:00).  Had planned to ride in the evening but was pretty tired after traveling to visit my in-laws for Mother's Day, so I did a really quick, difficult pace/resistance half hour on the trainer.

Weekly totals: Swim (1.73), Bike (72 plus an hour on the trainer), Run (37); 11:53:43; 6,925 calories

Monday:  AM - Easy run with Ellen on the ATT (4.7M, 37:38)
PM - Walked the Al Buehler Trail with Nicole (3.1M) and then hit the pool for a 2200 pull swim (45:00)

Tuesday:  AM -Another lovely Rise run with Ellen (6M, 47:41)
PM - Quick out and back from American Village with Nicki, mostly me trying to keep up! 2M easy warmup (14 mph) and then 15 a bit faster (19 mph)

Wednesday: AM - Fourth consecutive day meeting Ellen (aka my PR twin) at Rise!  Liz joined us for something approaching real speedwork, which ended up as a 3.5 mile warmup, 5 x 800s in 3:20 (actual: 3:18-3:22, so pretty close to the target pace) with 400 jogs, and a 1.5 mile cool down (8.5M, 1:05:12)
PM - Nice leisurely ride on the ATT with Laura (18M, 1:10:56)

Thursday: A morning off!  It was a nice change to stay in bed past 6:00.
PM - Half iron-distance open water swim at Beaverdam with Bex.  It seemed like it took forever (it pretty much did, actually), but I made it without incident.  I may be the last one out of the lake, but at least I am confident that I can make it! (1.2M, approx 45 minutes)

Friday: What was supposed to be a 3 mile tempo run turned into 2 miles (13:44) plus a half (3:18), but it was warm and humid, plus I have an 80+ mile ride tomorrow, so I am ok with that (5M, 37:32).

Monday-Friday totals: Swim (2.25), Bike (35), Run (37); 7:40:45; 5,096 calories

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