Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Training Update - January 22

Base building

Monday:  I wasn't going to run today, but it was so warm that I couldn't resist!  
Easy recovery run on the ATT with Jen D (5M, 42:42).  

Wednesday: First track workout in forever.  I'd forgotten what it felt like to run faster than conversational pace, and though my training partners left me in the dust, I was pretty happy with the workout and was thankful that Ellen and Rachel came out to keep me company!  2M warmup, ladder, 1M cool down for 6 miles total.  Working efforts of 400 (91), 600 (2:20), 800 (3:13), 1K (4:05), 800 (3:15), 600 (2:25), 400 (91).  Wrapped up with a quick 800 in the pool.  

Thursday: Actual swim workout. Drills, kick, 6 x 50, and a pull cool down.  It's not much, but I have to start somewhere... PM: Met Nicole at the gym, more to socialize than to exercise.  15 minutes elliptical and 15 minutes power walk on the treadmill at max incline.  

Friday: Cold, "snowy" (here half an inch = a snow day) tempo run with Ellen on the ATT.  The goal was to run 5 miles between 7:10 and 7:30.  We had to stop for a few road crossings and go very slowly over the icy bridge, but our splits were 7:27-7:29-7:10-7:12-7:40 with an average moving pace of 7:20, so mission accomplished!

Saturday: Back to back cycling classes at Sync

Sunday: Long run with Bex on the ATT (14M, 1:52:17).  Almost canceled out the run with TWO delicious donuts from Rise... I guess that is both the upside and downside of starting  our run there!  We had another nice Sunday, with temps in the 60s, so I went out for a quick (8M/30 minute) ride around the neighborhood and on the ATT and capped off the day with a Sync cycling class.  It was my first 3+ hour workout day in quite some time, but I feel really good.  Hopefully I can still say that on Monday...

Monday: 6 mile Rise run with Ellen and Sarah.  We started and ended with relatively slow miles but kept the middle 4 in the mid-7:30s.  Followed by a biscuit, Sync cycling, and a donut.  I figured that all balanced out! 

Tuesday: Off to Turks & Caicos!

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