Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Turks & Caicos

I had really great intentions for exercising over vacation, and though I fell a bit short on running, it wasn't the complete failure to exercise of vacations past!

Wednesday: 4 mile beach run (32:43), roughly half a mile ocean swim.  It was my first attempt at swimming in the ocean, and it was a lot harder than I'd expected!

Thursday: Quick lap swim in the pool, 3 mile walk on the beach with Monte

Friday: 4 mile beach run.  It was high tide, so the sand was really soft and tough to run in.  I averaged just under 9 minute miles, but it certainly felt a lot faster! 

Saturday: 4 mile walk on the beach with Monte

Sunday: 5 mile beach run, again at high tide.  

Grace Bay Beach is 8 miles long, and there are tons of restaurants along the beach, so there was no need to get a rental car, and we walked quite a few miles just going to lunch, dinner, the grocery store, etc.  Lots of relaxing, but not completely sedentary, so I guess that's good.  Most importantly, we had a really nice time, and Monte had a good birthday.  It was just hard to come back to the cold NC weather! 

A few pics from our trip...

Brought my camera along on a morning run

The birthday boy

Photos by Tropical Imaging

Making the most of our last day on the island

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