Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nervous ramblings with 10 days to go...

Our trip to Europe is fast approaching, and I am getting a bit nervous about going into this marathon so under-prepared.  For both of my previous marathons, I had a training plan, stuck to it, and felt confident that I'd put in the mileage.  But the last few months have been pretty unfocused... sort of getting into triathlon training, sort of training for the Tobacco Road Half, and sort of training for Paris.  Other than the 6-hour, 25-mile pacing effort at the Umstead 100 last weekend, I've only put in one legitimate long run since Miami (18 miles in 2:30 two weeks ago).  I'm guessing the lack of long training combined with a much lower total volume (28-35 miles a week) probably doesn't bode well for me. On the upside, the lower mileage did give me more time and energy for cross-training, so hopefully my general fitness can carry me through this one.  Well, that and the wine and cheese stop at the 35K mark! 

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