Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Heavy heart

I know this is generally a training and racing blog, but sometimes other things take precedence.  Sadly my mother passed away on February 15, and training rightfully took a backseat to spending time with her in her last days and grieving her loss.  It has been an incredibly challenging 10 days, and I miss her so much.  Running has still come up though, with many of her friends telling me how she had been so proud to tell them about my marathons, and even more so with the unbelievable outpouring of support I have received from my friends in the running community.  Like most mothers, my mom wanted me to be healthy, happy, and surrounded by good people.  Running has contributed significantly to all of that, and the thinking of the happiness and pride that she felt because of it means a lot to me.  She had planned to travel to my half marathon in Atlanta in March and the Boston marathon in April, and though she cannot be there physically, I will carry her in my heart and that gives me even more incentive to work hard and run well.  

I love you, mom, and I hope I will continue to make you proud of me.

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