Saturday, September 22, 2012

10 miles a day to keep the doctor away?

A decent amount of fast-ish running this week.  Hopefully it will pay off in November!

Monday: 10M in 1:18:46 (7:53)
Some goal-pace running with Sara on the ATT.  First 3 easy (8:10) and 7 at 7:45.

Wednesday: 10M in 1:18:15 (7:50)
Met Sara for a little speed work at the UNC track.  Once again we put our two workouts together - she was scheduled to run 10x800 and I was supposed to do 20x400 so we decided on 5x400-5x800-5x400.  2M warmup, 5 400s @ 95 seconds (6:20 pace), 5 800s @ 3:25 (6:50 pace), 4 800s @ 93-97.
It didn't feel as easy as last week's track workout and my legs felt really heavy despite taking a rest day on Tuesday, but we stayed on target pace-wise and the last 400 was the fastest of all (93s) so at least it ended on a good note!

Thursday: TRX, Sync Cycling

Friday: 9M in 1:09:25 (7:43)
What was supposed to be a progression run turned into another all-over-the-place tempo-ish run.  Hit the ATT bright and early with Ellen and Laura, and the chatting once again got the best of us and we didn't really pace according to plan.  A couple of miles easy, then 7:30, 7:05, and a few more in the 7:30s.  My foot started bothering me during cycling on Thursday, and was still pretty tight and painful.  Hopefully nothing that will persist...

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