Sunday, September 9, 2012

Two months until the NYC marathon!

Marathon training: so far so good!  My training week is Monday to Sunday, and with the holiday last week my long run was moved to Monday, giving me 2 long runs this week and my first 60 mile week ever (61.25 to be exact)!  Yes, it may be 'cheating' a bit since Monday's 18 would normally have been completed on the weekend, but I am counting it!

Monday: 18M in 2:32 (8:26), Sync cycling
Nice long run on the southern section of the ATT with Bex and Ellen.  A little slower than usual thanks to the crazy humidity and our ladies night on Sunday, but overall I felt really good.

Later that evening I took a cycling class at Sync, complete with black lights and cupcakes in honor of our fabulous instructor Matty's birthday.  I do think spin helps with run recovery, and am hoping to work a PM class into my schedule on long run days.

Wednesday: 8.25M in 1:03:21 (7:41) and recovery swim
Followed the BCTC workout for the week with Ellen and Bex on the ATT - 2 mile warmup, 4x800 (3:20-3:30s), 2M at half pace (7:20/mile), 4x400 (1:30-1:40s)

Easy 30 minute swim with Jeannelle.  I am going to be sad when my neighborhood pool closes in a few weeks!

Thursday: TRX, 6.5M in 54:23 (8:22)
Only Caren was crazy enough to join me for the City Beverage social run in a thunderstorm.  Fortunately there was no lightning, and the pouring rain slowed to a drizzle once we got out there.  A section of the trail was flooded, and after running in ankle-deep water for a bit we decided to just turn around a little early.  A couple of pints of double chocolate stout pretty much negated any calorie burn from the run, but it was worth it.

Friday: 10.5M in 1:23:32 (7:57)
Met Bex and Ellen for what was supposed to be a progression run on the ATT, but our pacing ended up all over the place.  Though not particularly progression-like, we got in a few good miles in the middle (7:51-7:39-7:47-7:32-7:45) and it felt like a good workout (not terribly hard but just challenging enough) going into the weekend.

Sunday: 18M in 2:25:52 (8:06)
Great long run with Alicia, Ellen, Bex, Caren, and Lora. It was actually pleasant out for a change, with temps in the 60s and far less humidity than we've had to deal with throughout the summer.  The plan was to run 9 easy and 9 at goal pace (7:40), and the average for the second half was 7:39 - right on target!  Whether or not I will be able to sustain that for 26.2 miles remains to be seen, but it really felt good out there today!

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